Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love to knit!

Who knew that I would enjoy knitting so much. Normally I start something and never really finish. One of my many weaknesses. But I love to knit! You've all seen the hat I made for Jimmy. Here are some of the things I've been working on for baby girl that are finished. I'm still working on her bunny blanket, it just needs stuffing and a face. I've just started a circular knitting project for me. It's a loopy scarf. I'm going to make some more hats for the baby too and then on to socks!


The nursery is done. We are ready for baby girl's arrival!!! Special thanks to Maryanne and Debbie for helping me get organized and mom and Maddie for the beautiful decorations.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Smooth as a baby's behind :)

So...Jimmy decided that the half guard was no longer enough. Tonight we used the Mach 5! I have to say I kinda like it. :)


Ready to go

Jason commenting on Jimmy's shaving technique.

Finishing touches

Lathering the aftershave

No comment needed :)


Abby loves to sit by the window and dream about catching birds.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lots to share!

It's been so long. I have lots to share! We've had a great summer and back in June we spent some time in the mountains and at the beach.

Jimmy and I joined Josh and Regan for a very relaxing weekend in the NC mountains. Here's some of the pictures that Jimmy took. Notice the series of self portraits. :)

When we got back from the mountains on Sunday we went out to dinner with Ashley and Scott to celebrate :( their move to California. Jimmy and I don't have many pictures of us so we took these when we got home. Wow, big belly!

The next weekend we spent Thursday through Sunday at the beach with my family and Jimmy's family. We had a blast! While we were there we celebrated Father's day, father-to-be day and Kevin's birthday. We played lots of games and spent a lot of time in the sand, ocean and pool. I know mom got a lot of pictures so maybe she'll send them my way. We also got some video of wiffle ball on the beach with commentary from Ray. :) I'll try to post this later.

Last week we went back to the specialist for another check of the baby's brain. Everything looks great and we got the all clear! Finally!!! Baby obviously doesn't want us to see her cute little face. This time she covered it with her hand and foot! Maybe we have a gymnast on the way. (I'm going to try to scan the ultrasound pic so look for it later.)

Jimmy's 30th birthday is August 15th. I wanted to do something special to celebrate this exciting milestone so I got him something he has been wanting for as long as I've known him. A beautiful Taylor 12 string guitar! I also wanted him to have time to enjoy it before our little miss arrives so I gave it to him early. He was definitely surprised. I caught it all on video and if I can I'll post that later. Here are some pictures of him playing. It has a beautiful sound. It twinkles!!!

About a month ago Virginie taught me how to knit. We've both been working on a hat, sweater and booties set for our little ones on the way. I've finished the hat and I'm almost done with the sweater.

Pieces of sweater

I'm really enjoying knitting and love to look at patterns online and think about who would like what. Since I started Jimmy keeps asking when I'm going to make him a hat. I found this pattern online the other day called the 1-hour hat and thought I'd give it a try. It was very easy, but took 2 hours. Not too bad for the first time.