Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 months old!

Yesterday Mia turned 2 months old!!! Time just flies. She is such a cutie. Jimmy and I just think the world of her. She smiles all the time now and has started "talking". We can't wait to hear her giggle, it's just around the corner. The only bad thing about turning 2 months is shots. :( On Friday, Oct. 30th Mia has her 2 month checkup and has to get a few shots. Luckily this time daddy is going with us.

Jimmy and I were looking at pictures from Mia's birthday and we stumbled across one that Jimmy took with his iPhone of me in labor. It's not the best quality but you get the idea. Yes, that is a window unit behind me. Our air conditioning went out two day before Mia was born. Luckily Ray and Maryanne had a window unit that we could borrow and we were able to go get one for upstairs.

It was only two months ago but it feels like Mia has been with us forever! Happy 2 month birthday peanut!!!

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Virginie said...

Happy 2 months birthday Mia!!!
Amy, oh... the expression on your face on that labor picture :). Time sure fly!!!